A little bit about me

I became enamoured with the film medium during my days at high school when I received my first film camera (an old Olympus Trip 35mm) following that with a pro level fim slr camera (which I still have and occassionally shoot with) and learned how to develop, process and tweak my own images. Since then things have progressed to become a Professional Photographer in Perth over the last 15 years I had been contracting to several large companies and had been responsible for the images and design of their advertising, brochures, website and display. I have now reached the stage in my life where I want to expand my horizons and let others make use of my skills for their own benefit. I am now a Google Street View Trusted Pro Photographer, producer of awesome custom virtual tours and am also a licenced drone operator. My hobbies now include URBAN EXPLORATION PANORAMAS and Astronomical Panoramas where I can really push my skills to the limits of what is possible with photography and am also a member of the International Virtual Reality (VR) Photography Association. I am also a licenced drone operator and can create amazing aerial photography and aerial video to add another dimension to my clients websites.
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